Wife Contract and Love Covenants 407

OMG! Please don`t blame Captain Lian Cheng because they only misunderstand that he only wants to protect the person you love in all life PLEASE DON`T BLAME THE CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you mangakiss for the update. I love Chibis Ps. I don`t care how he feels, he can`t get involved with his boss. oh! What`s next? Please update as soon as possible, I can`t wait to read this comic. Can someone please send me a novel of this thank you 😱😱😱😱, how will you explain it lian cheng. Oh, shit! I wonder who the enemy is under Bei Ming Ye. He could easily say that he heard gunshots, and he protected Kha Kha, but he must not do it again. Thank you for downloading. Encanta…!!! Me gustaría poder ver mas capitulos. Goddd I want the next chapter It will be more exciting Oh no, they will all misunderstand them. I hope you won`t be angry, please update the new chapters!! I`m way too excited for them!! please write….