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„Chris and his team did a great job with replacing our roof. They were diligent, very professional and worked in adverse weather conditions to get the job done on time and at a reasonable cost. They went the extra mile to protect our landscaping and bushes, and even built a special protective blanket/ramp to catch shingles and debris. I highly recommend them for any roofing work. „Chris reacted quickly, getting the job done in a very short time and on budget. Thank you very much! „Chris reacted immediately (on a Friday night) and did the job that Sunday afternoon. Very responsive. It was a small repair on an old roof. The quality of the work seems good, I hope it will hold. Chris offered to stop after the next weather event and check the repair. I would use it again. Choose from one of our many designs or create your own plan.

Flexible designs that allow you to work easily – create the home of your dreams. „Very knowledgeable and easy to work professional. High quality of work. „Chris and his team made a big project for me and went above and beyond! They did a great job! Chris was very responsive and took the time to explain what Greystone in particular would do. Highly recommended. „Various skills and experience in repair and maintenance of roofs and exteriors. They arrived when they said they would and did the job on time. They let me know every day when they would arrive. A very satisfying experience. „I appreciated that Chris stayed in close contact with me.

We negotiated how much work would be done and how much it would cost. Although it seemed expensive, he was the only roofer who went to the roof, took pictures and gave a detailed description of what to do. He explained why he thought it had to be done, and I hope more work wouldn`t be needed. » Have the room you need at a price you can afford. Building a new home allows you to have all the up-to-date safety features and comfort you desire. „Chris reacted quickly to my crisis refinancing with the necessary repairs and conversions. He is friendly and makes the owner feel very comfortable. He and his team worked in the rain and fog to complete the repair and replacement of my bridge on time.

I would recommend it for any domestic problem that requires knowledge and skills. My deck is beautiful! „I want to start with the fact that Chris and the staff were very professional. The door-to-door experience was remarkable. He was approachable and sincere, and I could say he was an honest broker and that`s how he got the job. The work was done much faster than expected, given the extent of the damage and the work to be done. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Chris!! „Excellent customer service, speed, excellent communication and response time. Stress-free! „Owner Chris was beyond professionalism and accommodating.

» Make your dream home your special needs and desires. From custom kitchens to open floor plans, we offer many features to make your home your home. „I highly recommend using this company. They were very responsive, friendly and professional. They did the job on time and explained to me how they had repaired the roof and my siding. They took more time to explain other things they saw that needed to be fixed and took it upon themselves to make simple additional repairs where they could. A great and complete experience. „I had my roof repaired.

When the rain came, the problem was still there. Chris didn`t hesitate to come back to see what the problem was. Come and find out that the complete problem was not mine. The leak affected a small problem with the nearby roof. Chris is very reliable and will come as many times as necessary to solve the problem. He is also a kind and humble man. The issue has been resolved. Great job. „Chris will be our roofer. He responded quickly to our initial request and was able to see the work we needed to do the next day. It was very easy to work with him and his quote was very reasonable for what we had to do. The work was done quickly and looked great.

„I was very satisfied with Chris and his professionalism from start to finish. I will definitely use this company again! I would recommend their services. „Chris from C&F Greystone is very thorough and explains the decisions and the pros and cons to the owner“ „Mr. Miley was very friendly. He looked at my roof and told me everything I needed to know to know what repairs I needed. He took the time to explain the process to me, went to the roof and physically looked at my entire roof to tell me what repairs were needed, and they did the job exactly as they had indicated. The price was reasonable for the work that was done. .