C and F Contractors

„Chris and his team did a great job with replacing our roof. They were diligent, very professional and worked in adverse weather conditions to get the job done on time and at a reasonable cost. They went the extra mile to protect our landscaping and bushes, and even built a special protective blanket/ramp to[…]

Business Agreement Word Template

Are you ready to sell your intellectual property rights? Use this intellectual property sales model to transfer these rights. Use this legally binding agreement to hire and get new employees on board. Contains default sections (by . B remuneration – and you can add your own. Determine the essential details of your agreement as[…]

Breach of Settlement Agreement Bc

If the parties reach an agreement, the parties, their representatives or the mediator may write down the details of the agreement. The agreement may be enforced under the same action, although it is not necessary to bring a separate action for its application. Mr. Shewchuk`s lawyer wrote a series of unanswered emails to IBM`s[…]

Blizzard End User License Agreement Hearthstone

You may terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying Blizzard by email to support@blizzard.com. Transfers: Attempt to sell, sublicense, rent, rent, grant or otherwise transfer a copy of the Platform or any part thereof or your rights in the Platform in a manner not expressly permitted herein. Blizzard entered into a distribution agreement[…]

Best Leasing Company for Electric Cars

Below is a list of some of the best electric vehicle, PHEV, and hybrid rental deals. Do you think the Nissan Leaf is the electric vehicle for you? Find the best Nissan Leaf rental deals at Moneyshake. Electric vehicle leases vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from region to region. These are[…]

Basic Principles Agreement Cold War

The two sides agreed to continue negotiations with a view to reaching agreement on maritime and related issues. They believed that such an agreement would be a positive step towards facilitating the expansion of trade between the United States and the Soviet Union. The two sides agreed to launch a cooperation program to protect[…]

Average Salary for Home Improvement Contractor

When it comes to contracting wages, general contractors can expect to stay at or near the next level. As the face of the construction project, you take on more risk and responsibility than many other craftsmen. And fortunately, you can protect your business from this risk by purchasing general liability insurance. average“); $(`.avgBox.nationalAvg`).hide(); if($objects.isADP){[…]

At Common Law an Offer for a Unilateral Contract

However, such a withdrawal of a unilateral contractual offer should be communicated to the target addressee. The general rule is that, unless expressly stated otherwise in the offer, the two weeks begin on the day Ben receives the offer. See Caldwell v. Cline, 156 p.E. 55 (W. Va. 1930). In a bilateral contract, both[…]

Articles of Agreement Wiki

After the date of termination, the Fund shall pay interest on any outstanding balance of Special Drawing Rights held by a terminating Participant and the terminating Participant shall pay a fee for all outstanding obligations due to the Fund at the times and rates set out in Article XX. Payment shall be made in[…]

Are Pet Fees Legal in California

Pet fees are not legal in all states. For example, California does not allow non-refundable fees, with the exception of late fees and registration fees. That`s why most California owners who allow pets choose to charge a pet security deposit and/or pet rental. Owners in California have the option to enforce their own pet[…]